Friday, November 03, 2006

Babysteps, Breaking the Ground


I reckon, the biggest problem a good e-commerce business creator has is first, in my experience, to find a good idea of what to create. Trust me, I've spent countless nights tugging on my hair thinking of ideas and have finally come to the realization that the easiest way to discover a good idea is to first discover a bad process. I mean you can develop something groundbreaking, like the invention of blogging, but we all can't be millionares off the bat!

What's a bad process?
I'd say it's something that you realize could be improved upon. Most people see bad processes every day but don't give them a second thought. Let's say you were sitting in front of the fridge and thought to yourself, "golly, I reckon, it'd be much easier to get ice in my cup if I didn't have to do all the work myself with an ice tray," and viola! You invent a ice machine door thing-a-ma-bob (it probably has a very fancy name but I have no idea nor do I care enough to search for what it is).

It's the same with the internet, let's say you need something but can't find it anywhere. Well, instead of moaning about it to your friends and family, why not create a system that helps other users do the same thing? From there, it's all about developing your user interface, developing the code behind the site, and then marketing it well. Yeah, there are also other areas of interest, accounting and the likes but let the accounting majors (your friends perhaps?) worry about that stuff, we're talking about the fun stuff here (mind you, I'm a CIS major so I have a biased view on what is fun).

After you come up with your idea I suppose you could patent it. However, it takes quite a bit of time before your patent will be awarded and, by that time, people will probably have copied you and I doubt it would hold up well in court.

I'd say just be the first out there delivering this and do it best.

One quick thing to note is you probably will fail a lot of the time. People are fickle and most of the time they need to be slowly made to understand why they actually need your website. Look at what happened with Facebook, by the time it reached even Bentley it was so well known and so many people were already waiting patiently to join that the first day hundreds signed up and more slowly continued to do so.

Had Facebook just opened up to the public right away, I'm sure many people would have joined, but for a social site that depends on college students, especially those in your own school, to provide content the buzz would never have become as large as it did, in my opinion.

That's all I have to say about generating an idea next you have to force it down people's throats! (Which a lot less fun than I just made it sound.)



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