Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Connecting the Dots

Now that you've assembled your team and you've built the user interface (and I'm sure the programmer is working on the code to manage the data) you'll need to bring the lot of your work together.

At this point in the process there isn't really much you, as the creator of the site, can do besides wait for the site to reach completion.

You can prepare yourself for several things to come, however:

These things will be discussed in the next three entries...
After this, I won't really have much to write about in terms of e-business creation so I'll randomly post about technology afterwards (which can be fun too albeit not as fun as web design!)

Building Website Anticipation
Breaking the Site
Letting the World Know

Building Website Anticipation

Alright, so you want to build anticipation?
You need to slowly let out the word on your website to get others excited.
But when is the right time to do this?
Stay tuned.

Breaking the Site

One of the biggest problems to customer retention on a website is the professionalism of the website. Every time the user encounters an error, whether a missing page or a bad query response, they will take it against your professionalism and their trust with you.

Letting the World Know

If you build it, they won't know about it and won't come.
If you yell around about it... they'll probably stick their heads around eventually.

So here come the posts... One after another... machine gun blogging style.



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