Friday, November 17, 2006

User Interface, Keyword: User

Alright, so you've assembled your team and feel ready for creating your website.

What's next?

Well you need to design some form of user interface. You'll need to design this to be geared toward the user him/herself so you should probably get some opinions from friends of yours without stake in the project about what would make their experience better.

You'll also need to know what items of your website you'd like to include to make your website work. This is why determining the revenue generation method generally comes before designing; you need to know what items you'll have on your page before you make it look and work well.

This step occurs even before programming because the programming behind the website will be used for several different actions that are performed via the user interface. It's important that the programmer explain the different types of items he'll need but mostly the user interface is just the eye level look for the website.

The next few posts will be about actions that all occur generally at the same time because while hiring a website designer with usability knowledge may help enhance your website it's a judgment call you have to make. Generally, most website programmer have at least a decent amount of experience in regards to website design. They may lack the usability aspect of it, however, so you may want to get a better understanding of their skillset before you determine if you'd like to use them or not.

What did I skip?
I skipped the idea that a website must be mapped out and the different functions of the website must be determined. I assumed that before you even began writing code or considering the idea of the user interface you would figure you'd need this already and do it yourself.

You see, the programmer will determine how he will make the functions work, it's your job to determine which functions are needed.

Don't worry too much about the coding, that's what code monkeys like me are there for.



At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondering what jungle a 'Code Monkey' is from? :) Great work!

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Timo said...

Ah we are found all across the world!

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