Sunday, December 03, 2006

Popular Culture Paranoia

As technology becomes more and more advanced and people are now pretty much carrying computers on their persons there exists an even larger threat of personal information leaking out to malicious sources.

This doesn't bother me, however, because the chances of my cell phone being hacked or someone throwing a GPS module into my backpack to stalk me are so slim that I wouldn't even fathom the thought.

However, the fact that popular culture becomes so obsessed with articles dealing with hacks made on such devices helps clearly define a problem I have felt is not discussed as much as I would hope. This problem is the fact that, as Americans, in our culture, we can sometimes be absorbed into fear based upon what we see in the media. The sight of articles such as this one on iPod transmitters dealing with calorie loss being used to track the whereabouts of people (, with little doubt in my mind, can negatively affect the sales of the said device out of fear from the consumers.

But really, how many people are capable of creating such programs to do the said tracking? And for that matter, what good is it worrying about such a device if it can be placed on your person without you knowing?

I understand the good of at least having the knowledge that this could occur but are we to check our persons for scanning devices at consistent periods of the day because some uber nerd with an obsession could be chasing us down? Should we check for cameras in our bedrooms and bugs in our offices as well?

Ignorance is bliss.

What are your thoughts about the matter?


At 4:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the majority of us would agree with your point of view... though I'm sure some overprotective parents may assume that this is an approach to knowing where their children are....Question....what about cell phones...can you track if you have access to gps codes and tracking software??

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